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‘I’ve been trying bougie deodorants and here are my honest reviews’

Clean beauty is more dominant than ever but finding an effective ‘natural’ deodorant can be tricky. Hopefully, this little guide is helpful.

Since lockdown in New York, I have been on a mission: to wean myself off mainstream deodorants and opt for something aluminium-free. I really dislike the term ‘natural’ when used with deodorants (in fact, all beauty products), because aluminium is a naturally occurring chemical and there is no evidence to suggest it’s linked to cancers or other health conditions.

But I do want to take better care of my clothes and I happen to wear a lot of white. You know that gross yellowish stain you get under your pits? It’s caused by a chemical reaction between your sweat and aluminium, so no thank you. Here are some of the bougiest aluminium-free deodorants I’ve tried (and FYI, aluminium is the ingredient that stops you from sweating, so you’ll still sweat).

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1. Kosas

This deodorant harnesses the power of alpha-hydroxy acids to create a pH environment where odor-causing bacteria can’t live. This one by Kosas is by far my favourite. Because it’s a clear, almost serum consistency, it doesn’t leave marks on my clothes which can be tricky to find in aluminum-free products.

I did a 45-minute spin class and my pits still smell fresh afterward.

Kosas Chemistry AHA Serum Deodorant in Serene Clean, $23,

2. Corpus Naturals

Hoo boy, I love the scent of this one and it comes in a very close second. Saccharomyces ferment filtrate fights odor-causing bacteria, while tapioca starch helps absorb moisture. You’ll still sweat, but the fragrance is strong yet subtle, so it’ll keep you from getting stanky without being overpowering. Consistency-wise, it glides on like a dream and doesn’t leave marks on your clothes.

Corpus Naturals, California Natural Deodorant, $36,

3. Necessaire

Did you hear? Necessaire ships to Australia now! The cult body care brand with that oh-so-desirable minimalist packaging has three deodorants: sandalwood, eucalyptus, and fragrance-free. I’ve used the first two and the eucalyptus is better at neautralising odor.

My only gripe is with it is its white, creamy texture. It does rub off on clothing but it delivers everything it promises in the way of odor control.

Necessaire The Deodorant, approx. $26AUD from

4. Drunk Elephant

Another cream one, so it’s no good for you if you wear dark clothing but it does utilise arrowroot powder, which is super absorbent. Out of all of these, this is the one I sweated with the least. But I did sweat, and because there’s no real fragrance to speak of, I did get a bit pongy after a sweat session.

Drunk Elephant Sweet Pitti Deodorant Cream, $24,

5. Malin+Goetz

Oh gosh, I really wanted to like this one but it’s just no good for workouts. I loved the smooth application of this solid stick formula, but the longevity isn’t great and I did have to reapply after a walk with the dogs. It’s created with natural fragrance and sans alcohol so it’s great for sensitive skin types. Plus the packaging is recyclable so that’s a huge win in my book.

Malin+Goetz Eucalyptus Deodorant, $33,

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