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Crew In a Box

Crew in a Box made its CES debut with a plug and play, remote video production solution. With this technology, on-camera talent simply opens the box and plugs it in, automatically connecting the system to a remote team of world-class filmmakers who control every aspect of the shoot, including the integrated 6k cinema camera, flattering LED light, microphones, and teleprompter/Interrotron. Invented by filmmakers Ira Rosensweig, a director of Super Bowl spots, Dallas Sterling, a cinematographer, and Jeremy Fernsler, a VFX supervisor, during the first days of lockdown, this innovation enables agency and clients to join a video conference where they can view a high-resolution feed from the camera and participate as if they were on set.


Crew in a Box, created by the Los Angeles-based team headed by managing director Ira Rosensweig, consists of a 6K screen with a 3-ft (0.9-m) threaded LED lighting system, two cameras with purchased cameras by the camera, a shotgun and a lavalier and a beamsplitter monitor that the chamber views through as a video picture from the LED, a Viral Storage Laboratory that functions both in the Padding screen with pads that shows video like a vibrant episode.

Everything packs down into a disinfected military-grade case, which is shipped to the interviewee. That person simply opens the lid, takes the block of connected equipment out, and plugs the system into an electrical outlet.

CREW In the box

Crew in a Box proceeds to automatically connect to the internet (not using the interviewee’s home Wi-Fi network), patching itself through to a control room in another city. Via the Interrotron, an operator in that room remotely guides the interviewee in positioning the system for the best shot, hooking up their lavalier mic, and other pre-interview tasks. They also remotely adjust the camera and audio settings, along with the intensity and color temperature of the lights.

Crew in a Box is already in use by a number of major US television networks. Rentals start at US$5,000, while complete systems can be purchased for $55,000 and up.

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