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Audio “Buds” instead of ears to your glasses? Why didn’t I previously see this? I still have to find my earbud, wireless or otherwise, which I really find convenient and which stays with me as I walk every day. And headphones over the ear are too many. I was excited a few years ago about the launch of Aftershokz headphones, which go back in or around the neck, but I noticed that the noises in my head seemed to make me pinch.

JBuds Frames – small bluetooth

So my attention has been drawn to JBuds Frames – small bluetooth speakers with microphones that clip on your glass frame instead of clutching into your ears. I wear glasses everywhere these days, although I frequently turn to sunglasses for this trip. The press release of JLab notes that the speakers come with a range of silicone sleeves to fit it to a variety of glass frames.

JLab’s JBuds Frames Wireless Audio1

A spokesman I questioned said at 11.7 g each, they are light enough not to drastically affect the feeling or health of my lenses. The business provides a two-hour fee for eight hours of playtime and 100 hours standby time. Water resistant JBuds frames are as well.JLabs says the Frames begin shipping about $50, for customers in the spring. I’m excited to try them, and I’m sure when I do I won’t be disappointed.

Featured Audio

  • bluetooth

    8+ hours playtime

  • C3 symbol

    Incredible sound with C3 (Crystal Clear Clarify) Technology + 16mm Drivers

  • control

    Controls for play/pause, volume, tracks and voice assistance capability

  • phone

    Dual Connect to use JBuds Frames together or individually, with MEMS mic in each earpiece

  • person

    Magnetic charging pin cable

  • cloud

    Two clips secure ensure a snug fit for all frame temples with two sets of included silicone sleeves


    The open speaker has strong 16mm drivers that make the perfect sound for yourself. The innovative design is designed for your ears without disrupting the people around you – understanding your environment. Enjoy 8+ hours of playtime audio, calls or podcasts.





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